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    February 19, 2015 by Montyson3

    I came here seeing how I've seen how active of a community of ZT users are here. It's me, 0bsessed from Zimmer Twins, if any of you know me. I switched over from Montyson3. So a majority of you should at least have a background of me. Okay, probably a bit too much. As you can see. I'll get more involved with the community.

    Fun fact that I won't put anywhere else: I live somewhere in Utah.

    Comment below, I wanna see just how active you guys are over here. xD

    -0bsessed (with a zero)

    (p.s. I may not respond until at earliest 11:00 am, I'm a heavy homeschooled sleeper)

    (p.p.s I'm in Mountain Time Zone, if any of you need the info.)

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